Jul 20, 2021

Josephine’s debut album Music Is Easy is reminiscent of a short but fruitful era of history when glam wasn’t so specific a term. Early glam evolved from singer/songwriters like Bowie and Elton John and roundhouse pub rockers like Slade and The Sweet running amok of each other trying to up their game. The result was more interesting music. Stocky Tunes is a similar tar pit from which primordially solid sounds should emanate. It’s a funky album utilizing budget rock principals and experimental pop jabs to shake up common mores. There’s a bit of Sparks and Roxy Music in play. Maybe a little Prince as well. “No Macher” is a great two-minute shuffle with a jumpy and clean guitar line framed with walking bass that would be at home at the beach. “Punim Pusher” has a punchy funk groove with distorted guitar weighing in on the chorus. “Futz” is a cute 1:24 anthem about wanting to not do too much. “Heads” is a more epic, Roxy Music-style rumination. Those familiar with Music Is Easy can hear Josephine’s influence on the album. Hershguy comes from the excellent driving punk outfit Brower. But let’s hope both of these entities continue stopping around to collaborate with each other. –Billups Allen (Dig!)

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