JON AND THE VONS: Gratest Hits Vol. 1: LP

Nov 28, 2016

Living legend Jon Von turns his attention from the souped-up ‘50s squall of the Four Slicks to straight-up ‘60s Farfizoid garage. As with most garage records, the most important component is an arrestingly cool cover, and said cover is handled quite admirably by the also-legendary Rockin’ Jelly Bean. Musically, the band breaks the usual amount of new ground in the genre (zero percent) and maintains a 2:1 covers-to-originals ratio. I’d enjoy seeing that ratio flipped in the future, simply on account of Jon’s vocals sounding so right-on on originals like “Won’t Be No Next Time” or “Can’t Get You out of My Bed,” and a little less convincing on well-heard garage staples like The Shag’s 1967 LSD conversation, “Stop and Listen.” Then again, he knocks “In and Out” by Larry & the Blue Notes right the fuck out of the park with a cricket bat, so what do I know? Grate Scott!! BEST SONG: “Won’t Be No Next Time.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Can’t Get You out of My Bed.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The Shag were from Wisconsin. ­–Rev. Nørb (Soundflat,