JOLTS, THE: No Paradoxes: LP

Nov 28, 2016

Fans of punk rock and roll, take note: Vancouver’s Jolts need your attention ASAP. This shit is no joke. Being a band for well over ten years now, they somehow still aren’t as known as they should be. Their craft is perfect: buzzsaw guitars and sickeningly tight drums, with the catchiest of choruses that are far from cliché (the usual problem with this subgenre). I’ve always been jealous of Vancouver, due to their ridiculously amazing studios and engineers at their fingertips. No Paradoxes is the second LP regarded by ex-DBS and well-known (with reason) Jesse Gander, who’s recorded all the best White Lung, Tranzmitors and Pack A.D. records. It’s literally fucked-up how good these records sound. Turbonegro and The Hellacopters would both be jealous of the production on the past two Jolts albums. Back to the band—if you’re not familiar—their tunes are a healthy portion of über-slick Swedish rock (without as many guitar solos), crossed with the intensity and sharpness of the Spits. Hell, even Teenage Bottlerocket fans would love this. “Hazard Street” if probably my top track on the record. Seriously required listening. Don’t forget their previous album on Sudden Death, 8, either. –Steve Adamyk (Teenage Rampage,

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