JOINT D ≠: Intelligence: LP

Sep 20, 2017

In its heyday North Carolina was booming with hardcore punk talent, as documented on the excellent but rarely heard No Core compilation which featured a then relatively unknown Corrosion Of Conformity. Much later on, the scene once again flourished; this time spearheaded by the likes of Double Negative, No Love, Brain F≠ and, of course, Joint D≠. On their third full length, Joint D≠ continues that proud tradition of no holds barred hardcore and ups the ante with social-politically minded lyrics. Song after song of sonic abrasiveness: if their live persona lives up to these recordings then these folks must surely slay onstage. A perfect follow up—if not a surpassing feat—to their previous album, Satan Is Real Again, Again… Sorry State and NC on top, y’all. –Juan Espinosa (Sorry State)