Jan 24, 2024

I had the good fortune of seeing Jodie Faster earlier this year and the band was even better than it is on record. Short, fast songs, all played with minimal effects on the guitar, so quite a clean six string sound which still manages to whip up a storm. The band’s three tracks here stick to that formula and race along at a fair clip. Corrupt Vision is a new band to me, and their four tracks have the same love of speed. Grindcore is the approach the band takes, and it kicks as much ass as their French counterparts do. There are eight tracks in total, none of which break the sixty second mark, showing that both bands favor brevity. A glorious short, sharp shock of a split. –Rich Cocksedge (TNS, [email protected], / No Time, / Don’t Trust The Hype, / Loner Cult, [email protected])

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