JJ AND & THE REAL JERKS: Mess You Up: 12” 45

Sep 22, 2022

This group is rubber band tight, with the drums and bass setting up a gnawing, rapid-fire percolation upon which the tangy mayonnaise of rock’n’roll is slathered. It’s kinda like as if somebody quit CH3 and got replaced by someone from the Devil Dogs, or maybe Cheetah Chrome, or some other heavily contrived situation of that nature. I think the real statement of differentiation between JJ&TRJ and similar self-identified “punk’n’roll” outfits is that the guitar often works smarter and not harder here: Instead of just continually spraying testicular excretions everywhere, the guitar is occasionally used as a clever embellishment, almost like the Buzzcocks (if such a story can be believed). This lets the vocals, drums, and bass dictate the terms, while the guitar darts hither and yon whacking the non-believers. Don’t look at me, guitar! I, for one, welcome our new guitar overlords! Bonus points for the minimalist sax tooting. It gives the rest of the woodwinds hope. BEST SONG: “Built to Blast” or maybe “Lost Souls Pub” because of the minimalist sax tooting. BEST SONG TITLE: “Built to Blast.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The title “Ten Cent Beer Night” is in reference to a disastrous 1974 baseball game between the Texas Rangers and the artist currently known as the Cleveland Guardians. –Rev. Nørb (Heavy Medication)

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