JIYUNA: This Desolate Veil: LP

Jan 30, 2019

This is the first vinyl pressing of a 2002 album by self-described “heavy screamo” band Jiyuna from Fort Myers, Fla. It takes me back to the days of thrift store youth soccer T-shirts and Dr. Spock haircuts, and has all the trappings of this era: octave chords, throat-shredding screams, clean guitar breaks with frantic off-key singing... but they do it all with a powerful sense of dynamics, a sneaky sense of melody, and strong musicianship that places them way above average. I was deep into this scene back in the day, to the point where I’m surprised I never heard this band. I wish I had. They’re fucking good. Pick it up if you’re into Funeral Diner, Maximillian Colby/Sleepytime Trio, or Majority Rule. –Chris Terry (IFBrecords.com)