Dec 06, 2019

Sounding musically like a cross between British twerp-poppers Herman’s Hermits and make-believe British punk twerps The Monks, “Jilted John” (the song) was a twerpy #4 hit in the U.K. in 1978 for Jilted John (the artist), a comedic alter ego of actor Graham Fellows. Given that forty year anniversaries are, apparently, a thing these days, the powers-that-be saw fit to reissue his album last year (which wasn’t at all bad), summarily followed by JJ’s first (and presumably only) U.K. tour. And, while expecting us to fully “get it” on this side of the Atlantic, where Jilted John (both the song and the artist) isn’t/aren’t much more than side-filler on period compilations is a little bit like expecting the Brits to get worked up about a celebration of the fortieth anniversary of “King Tut” by Steve Martin, I have to admit that this guy’s timing and delivery is so good (almost like he’s a professional actor, go figure) and the material holds up well enough that by the time he actually got around to playing The Hit, I was like, whoooooo! Yeah! He’s playing the hit! All right! Sound quality is middling-to-decent but I admit I was sucked in by the charm of it all and played it twice in a row. None can ask fairer than that! BEST SONG: “Jilted John (encore).”BEST SONG TITLE: “Rehearsals.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The new song, “I’m Still Jilted John,” contains the first lyrical reference to Aldi® supermarkets I believe I’ve ever heard.Rev. Nørb (Boss Tuneage, bosstuneage.com)