JENNY: “Trajinero” b/w “Kids of Today”: 7”

May 24, 2022

Justin Maurer (Clorox Girls, Suspect Parts, Maniac, and ASL interpreter boy wonder), Jacobo Fernandez, and Gabriel Lopez recorded “Tranjinero,” a straightforward power pop tune with a swinging melody. Laden with farfisa over a surf beat, sung in Spanish, “Tranjiero” was recorded in Mexico City, which perhaps adds to the mood of colorful optimism to its nostalgic sound. Side B offers “Kids of Today” where gears are switched to full-on Buzzcocks power pop, and it’s catchy, infectious, and just downright good. “Kids of Today” was recorded with fellow babes James Carman (Maniac, The Reflectors), Jonny Reyes, and Cezar Mora. Serious rocker peacocking right here. –Camylle (Dirt Cult, / Wanda)

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