Aug 02, 2017

Authority Zero vocalist Jason DeVore and Useless ID vocalist and bassist Yotam Ben-Horin—credited here as just “Yotam”—team up on this super limited split for 1332 Records, each contributing two acoustic solo tracks. DeVore kicks off the A side with “Hazy Daze” from his 2006 full-length, Conviction (The Smoke House Sessions), effectively transforming his roughed-up reggae style into a smooth, reverb-heavy rockabilly vocal whisked along by a wailing harmonica and chugging freight train beat. “New Orleans”—from 2011’s Conviction II (The Crooked Path)—sheds the effects to present a DeVore more recognizable as the voice of Authority Zero’s Arizona-based ska-punk. It’s a bouncy, punkified country tune packed with creative phrasing and uplifting harmonies despite its melancholy lyrics. Yotam grabs the baton and sprints across the B side, running through two exclusive songs co-written by fellow Israeli punk and Useless ID guitarist Ishay Berger. First up is “Angry Heart,” an emotional outpouring reminiscent of Tony Sly’s solo work, bolstered the use of only a solemn acoustic guitar and Yotam’s characteristically sweet voice. “Chuck’s Not Dead” is a shorter, more upbeat heartstring-puller, dedicated to the titular purple-mohawked psychobilly king. Front to back, a solid effort from two of the genre’s most recognizable voices and a lovely addition to anyone’s acoustic “punk rock retirement plan” collection. –Kelley O’Death (1332, email, [email protected], 1332records.com)