JANGLED, THE: Vote Dammit!: LP

Mar 26, 2020

The Jangled are Russ Forster of 8-Track Mind zine’s one-person band, and this album is dedicated to criticizing the President and other conservatives. Side A is all acoustic with mandolin, guitar, banjo, and a campfire singalong feel. There are covers of Hüsker Dü, Graham Nash, and fucking John Lennon. Side B is electric with a more standard alt-rock sound and song titles like “Morons & Monsters” and “Creep-in-Chief.” This is an especially stressful time in politics, and I understand that anyone with a heart needs to blow off steam, but I’m really conflicted about this album. I like the music—especially the acoustic side—and agree with most of the lyrics’ sentiments, but I firmly believe that any press is good press for the President. Instead of talking about him, I’d rather spend my time talking about what I want instead. I don’t want a picture of a liberal Supreme Court justice on the liner notes, I want to abolish the Supreme Court. This feels like more of the middle-of-the-road Liberal® politics that have been dying a slow death this century. I mean, why write a song about Trump with “you” in the lyrics? Is he going to throw this record on and have a change of heart? No. He’s just going to get more of the attention that feeds his cult of personality. –Chris Terry (Three Peas)