Nov 29, 2016

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing that someone would mix rock’n’roll, comedy, and a comments section to create Reddit: The Musical, your wish has come true, woke white men of the web. Jamie Kilstein, spoken word artist and comedian, was given the push to put his outspoken rants to music after a DJ played behind him speaking at a fest. This really well produced album starts off with standout track “Fuck the NRA,” which reminds me a bit of a Refused song. This song features Kilstein narrating what sounds like a gun control thread comment war between someone’s gun-happy racist uncle, and a leftist who knows what is up. Other topics are covered in song titles such as, “Every Country Song Ever,” “How to Not Be a Dick (To Women),” “Sad White Boy Blues,” and “Catcall.” There are some spoofy ‘90s-influenced indie rock songs that balance out the quick spoken word, and the album ends with mellow track “Maniac” that begs people to abolish boring, which the Reddit audience can use as advice to keep doing their thing. ­–Cynthia Pinedo (Don Giovanni, dongiovannirecords.com)