JAMES STEVENSON: 40 Years in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Wilderness: 2 x CD

Jan 30, 2019

Massive two disc collection that cherry picks from his career in the rock world. We get a snapshot of his time with Chelsea, Generation X, Charlie Harper, and Glen Matlock. There are also a few songs from The Alarm that get a kick in the pants courtesy of Stiff Little Fingers drummer Steve Grantley. But it is the more obscure material here that was intriguing more than anything (Hot Club, Henry Badowski, and The Smart, to rattle off a piece of this collection). A collaboration with Gary Holton (Heavy Metal Kids) also makes its first official appearance as well. The end features a handful of tracks from his first-ever solo record from a couple years back. A fantastic collection that will spur you to dig deeper into his impressive body of work. –Sean Koepenick (Pink Gun, [email protected])