JAMES DOMESTIC: “Faze Out”: Digital single

Jan 05, 2022

One must have been living under a rock in the past year to have not noticed the difficulties in getting vinyl pressed around the world. Therefore, Kibou Records has taken the step of releasing a digital single as a teaser for a physical LP due in 2022. It’s quite a curveball given the bands James Domestic has been in, ones which hit hardcore all around the park in various guises. This has a mix of fuzzed guitar, toy-like keyboards, and menacing vocals that are more spoken/shouted than sung, all underpinned by synths and an organ. It’s a great song which rises and falls before coming to an abrupt end. He’s definitely not an artist who rests on his laurels and Kibou will definitely be receiving some of my money once the album is out. –Rich Cocksedge (Kibou, [email protected], kibourecords.bigcartel.com)

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