Nov 29, 2016

I feel like I write this in many of my reviews, but Manhunt is a band that really needs to be experienced live. Sure, the recorded songs are fierce, bad times vibes all the way (but in a good way,) but live is where you really feel their power. Each time I’ve seen Manhunt live it seems like the band is on the verge of exploding on stage. There is so much anger—near violent rage at times—that I think the band will break into a gang fist fight before finishing the set. Maybe this is the “hate wave” fellow Texans Video talk about. Digital Clubbing is hot from the start, but side two takes things past the point of no return. “Wired” is a song you should put on a mix for your next long, boring drive where you need to stay awake so you can make it through Ohio alive. Or something like that. –Sal Lucci (12XU)