Dec 03, 2020

Truthfully, I take zero pleasure in writing a bad review. I wanted to shut this record off within five seconds of hitting play. It’s a chaotic mess of noise and fucking around. One major bonus is that the songs are very short, with many of them under a minute. The first two tracks are all over the place—loud, screechy, hella feedback, rapid time signature changes. But then the third song, “Blue,” sounds like an early Bowie release. They’re throwing a lot of ideas out there and I’m just not sure that any of them are clicking for me. Their Bandcamp labels them as “alternative, rap, rock, drone, goth, and punk.” Don’t think of any of these genres separately when it comes to this band, but rather all of them at the same time. It’s like being at Warped Tour, Mayhem Fest, Rolling Loud, Wave-Gotik-Treffen fest, and inside a garbage can all at once. Actually, fuck that, it’s like going to Coachella and all the bands are playing simultaneously. I honestly couldn’t finish it. Side note: my copy has a recipe for fudge on the back of the cover art. Please don’t let me get tinnitus from this. –Kayla Greet (Snow Wolf)