Jan 26, 2021

Difficult band and record to pin down, save for the absolutely unrelenting dramatics of it all. Flutes and violin and unbridled crooning and atmosphere abounds. Just sheer camp going on. Percussive swagger, wild variety of sounds. Imagine if the Flesheaters and Concrete Blonde and Hedwig all got busy and had a baby and that baby was super, super into local theater. That’s Wilted Eden. I’m digging the hell out of this, surprisingly—like I said, it’s relentlessly campy and over-emotional, but vocalist Gabriel Hart has a set of pipes on him that won’t quit. Kind of the way that Spiritual Cramp takes a template (Talking Heads, in that case) and kind of turns it on its ear, so does Jail Weddings, but with an over-the-top alt-country thing that then veers into something entirely its own. It’s way outside of my wheelhouse, and not every song lands, but those that do are absolutely fantastic. Wilted Eden gets a surprising nod from me—it comes across as authentic and weird and charming, clearly made by a group of people forging their own path. –Keith Rosson (Tru-Vow)