JAGGER HOLLY / THE WINDOWSILL: Saving the Genre, and You Know It…: 10”

Two of the EU’s modern day pop punk heavyweights pair up for a total of eight new smashers on this ten inch; a format which I’ve always loved. For fans of current Ramones-core, this is already on your radar, but if for some reason it isn’t, it certainly should be. Jagger Holly feature Matias of DeeCracks fame and falls directly under the Bottlerocket-esque bracket. So much so—some of these songs would make them jealous—and these four new songs are par for the course, if not more than ever. The Windowsill, on the other hand, features almost-all ex-members of European superstars The Apers, which is noticeable in their sound for sure. However, their harmonies and guitar work could see them paired with pop punk of almost any style and fit right in perfectly. Their releases have always been incredibly solid and these four tracks are just the same. A few tours and a proper American release would no doubt shoot them up a few miles to where they belong. –Steve Adamyk (Hey! Pizza, heypizzarecords.com / Shield, shieldrecordings.bandcamp.com)