JACK LEE: Bigger Than Life: Anthology: 2 x LP

Jan 18, 2017

At long last, this material from the early ‘80s is back in print. Jack Lee fronted The Nerves. After they imploded, he went solo. Featured on this collection are two songs that became fairly big hits for Blondie and Paul Young. Young radically reworked his version; Blondie steered fairly close to the original. But this also features a whole boatload of power pop classics that should have been hits. There are a couple songs that have a bit too much of the dated keyboard film still on them, but that’s minimal here. It should not deter you from purchasing this product. The only thing missing is an essay with detailed liner notes. That would have been valuable. But the starburst vinyl is stunning. The cover art shows Lee giving James Dean a run for his money. Buy this and get ready for a new Jack Lee record, too. I am not kidding you on that one, my friends. Essential! –Sean Koepenick (Alive/Natural Sound, [email protected])