JACK ACID: “Gutless” b/w “Lo-Hi”: 7”

Mar 26, 2020

The first release from Slope Records’ 3E imprint, Jack Acid drops two very different-sounding tracks on his first single with the label. The title track “Gutless” is in the same vein as the electronic and almost industrial-esque hip hop seen from him before, as in the track “Low Balance Alert,” with fellow Doom Division-affiliated artist Spookikage. While not the kind of hip hop I usually dig, I appreciated the raw intensity of the track. The B side track “Lo-Hi,” on the other hand, is a thrash metal joint, featuring Acid’s banshee-like screams. This was a great track, with the kind of ripping riffs you’d expect from the genre. While it’s not uncommon for artists to dabble in multiple different styles of music, the 180 from one style of music to the other on the opposite side of the record was unexpected after exploring some of Acid’s previous work. For hip hop heads, especially those into the electronic beats, “Gutless,” is something to put on your radar, with “Lo-Hi,” as an interesting footnote. With the video for “Gutless” getting a lot of attention, I imagine electronic hip hop will be Jack Acid’s focus in the immediate future. That said, I’d love seeing him front a thrash metal side project, maybe collaborating with someone like Joel Grind? One can only hope. –Paul J. Comeau (Slope, [email protected])

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