J. R. FISHER: Fever: CS

Mar 22, 2017

I haven’t hung out in bars or smoked out on the porch with J. R. Fisher, so I may not be the guy to really talk about him. He’s a folk singer, and sometimes he’s good and sometimes he’s making jokes I don’t totally get. I think his work is strongest when he’s not joking and not swearing, i.e. “Torture My Soul” and the latter half of “Four Very Different Girls,” which could’ve run over the credits to Pete & Pete. “Run Gringo Run”—a brief, electric John Fahey-esque guitar ramble—is the hit for me. Fisher’s like a ‘70s folk-rocker who knows all the Pixies records, which is to say there’s charm here. –Matt Werts (What’s For Breakfast, wfbrecords.com)

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