J. MARINELLI: Stray Volts: LP

Jan 31, 2018

There was a period in the late ‘90s to early ‘00s when the one-man band phenomenon had a moment. It was a blip, but heavyweights like King Louis Bankston and Bob Log were making the rounds. They were excellent, but they definitely had a sound dictated by their calling. J. Marinelli seems to have been at the one-man band thing long enough to be irritated by the comparison. His style on Stray Volts transcends one-man band songwriting. There is anarchy inherent in the tradition of strapping into a homemade concoction of instruments. Being unfamiliar with the previous work, it’s interesting to consider if he honed the craft or gave up on bandmates. “Creak and Sway” has the blues-ier swagger of what you might expect from a one-man band, while “Madison Girls” chugs along with a jumpy pop sensibility. The album has a variety of good songs and solid rock sensibilities. He’s definitely made it his own. It’s not that you can’t see one person pulling it off, but you can see past it. –Billups Allen (jmartinelli.bandcamp.com)