Jan 18, 2017

Similar to label mates All Dogs and Outer Spaces, Izzy True, from Ithaca, N.Y., performs ‘90s indie pop (think Stephen Malkmus, PJ Harvey, and Breeders) with sparse drums, a bass that thumps like a heartbeat, and a barebones production. The star, though, is Izzy Reidy’s achingly assured vocals that resound through gritted teeth, like on “Jamie”: “Had you only been some villain / Don’t think I’d have been less willing.” It’s in these moments—where self-discovery, anxiety, and raw sexuality drip from shimmering guitars and plaintive melodies—where Izzy True stands apart. On Nope, Reidy grapples with magic, divination, and witchcraft, and oddly enough, this album has found me at my most receptive because my best friend, a badass bruja, read my tarot for the first time only a few weeks ago. I’m tempted to call it fate. (In fact, the album art depicts a tarot spread of the World, the Hermit, and the Fool.) Regardless, Reidy’s voice and lyrics speak to me. “Mr. Romance,” “Total Body Erasure,” and “Nope” will be on repeat for a while. –Sean Arenas (Don Giovanni, dongiovannirecords.com)

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