IXIAS: Tinge: CS

Nov 15, 2022

I can’t say as I’m really into Cookie Monster death metal or whatever this is (and the fact that the song lyrics are handwritten in metal script, shrunk down to tiny size, and superimposed over a photo of the base of a statue [I think?] really kills any chances of me punching through any artificial barrier I’ve erected in my mind that has heretofore prevented me from appreciating such majesty), but this is really the coolest cassette housing I’ve ever seen in my life. The front of the cassette shell is pink, and the back is light blue. Apart from the dopey metal logo printed on the front, this cassette looks awesome! So, while my natural inclination would be to crack the housing open, take the reel of tape out and go down to the park and shoot it out of a slingshot at squirrels, I think I’ll keep this around and give it as a gift to the next gender reveal party I’m asked to attend. “And the gender of our impending baby is... DOGMATIC EMBRACE! Bwarrkfhgkkghghabwaarrrggghhhaaaahhhrrrggg!!!” BEST SONG: I like the weird intro because it reminds me of the weird intro on the Heartbreakers’ Live at Max’s album. BEST SONG TITLE: It’s really sort of a toss-up between “Dogmatic Embrace,” “Incessant Filth,” and “Nihilistic Cop Out.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Sorry, the pink/blue cassette housing is all I got.–Rev. Nørb (To Live A Lie / Vertebreaker Creative)

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