ITCHY SELF: Here’s the Rub: 12”

Mar 17, 2021

From Canaduh but could easily be London ’77 or New York ’78. Blown-out proto punk not unlike the backwoods U.K. punk of Raw Records like the Killjoys or Acme Sewage… hell, could even be a more blown-out Richard Hell or any of those New York druggies. You know the deal? Fucked up two-chord “Punk with a capital P.” I’d look to Jay Reatard and the Memphis crew for more recent comparisons. I’d rather a bunch of ne’er-do-wells recording party music in their basement after a twelve slab of cheap lager than some polished bullshit. This 45 rpm of teenage angst (they all look about forty, mind you), suits me just fine. See you in the basement nerds, bring drugs. –Tim Brooks (Celluloid Lunch)