ISS: “Too Punk for Heavy Metal” b/w “A Msg 2 U”: 7”

Sep 29, 2020

When the top scholars in arsonology finally complete their coursework, what other option do they have then to burn down the school? Some consider being overeducated to be a curse. If you study too heard, learn too much, you start to feel like the joke is on you. Well, ISS have taken their decades of research on anti-social music and are making it crystal clear: the joke is in fact on you, listener! Subcultural absolutism that makes Total Control look like a hippie love fest. The music is raw and mechanical with a hardcore backbone emanating a sense of familiarity, but don’t be fooled, the deeper in you decide to venture the less familiar anything feels. So take note rookie, you’re in the fold now, and if you ever come across an episode of What’s in My Bag? featuring ISS, jump out the nearest window and run for your goddamn life. This band is here simply to destroy everything you love. –Daryl (Total Punk)