ISOTOPE SOAP: In Need of Systematic Entropy: LP

May 24, 2022

If you’re going to name your band after a Geza X song then you better bring it; and Isotope Soap certainly bring it. They exist in real time but in the realm of past bands like Throbbing Gristle, Factrix, early Devo, DAF, early Cabaret Voltaire, and the like. Futuristic, yet primitive. Synths mixed with analog, electronic and punk, artistic but with a confrontational attitude. There are a lot of bands around at the moment that are playing this style of electro punk, but Isotope Soap is one of the few that doesn’t go down the irony path, or cling tightly to the Screamers pattern. Instead, they go dark, more experimental, more industrial. A friend of mine would label this as “room clearer music” because it’s certainly not for everyone, and those who aren’t on board will head for the door. Those of us who are in for the ride will be rewarded with an album of some of the best of its kind in decades. The title track is the obvious standout, and the rest aren’t so shabby. “The Power of Weak Minds” is another one that I keep going back to before letting the album play through without interruption. “Embrace Your Decay,” as the song title says. –Matt Average (Push My Buttons,