IS THIS MY WORLD? #1, $?, 10” x 14”, copied, 1 pg.

Mar 17, 2021

All the way from Australia (Maylands, in Western Australia, to be exact) comes this one-page music zine. Folded into an approximate 5” x 7” size, Is This My World? #1 opens up to reveal an interview with Boston, Mass.-based, new wave-inspired garage rock band Sweeping Promises that takes up an entire page on one side. (“This interview was a lot longer,” says Is This My World’s anonymous creator in the preface to the interview, “but I underestimated how little space there is on a single sheet of paper.”) On the other side, on one half of the page, is a record review of New York City-based Hank Wood & The Hammerheads’ 45 Use Me, plus a list of “Recommended listening.” In the lower, right-hand quadrant, below the cover image, is a book review of Sam McPheeters’ 2020 book, Mutations: The Many Strange Faces of Hardcore Punk. A whole lot is packed into this one-page zine, which leads to my one complaint: the font size of the articles is so small (which is why everything fits) that the sight of this tiny print could deter some readers. Otherwise, Is This My World? #1 is a frank, fun, and informative music zine from Down Under. –Gina Murrell ([email protected])