Jul 20, 2022

Some bands make me let out a big sigh of pleasure when I know that they have new music out and Germany’s Irish Handcuffs is one of those, so news of Transitions brought out that reaction from me. Obviously, the music could be not to my liking, but after one play I’m sitting back in my chair enjoying the mid-paced, melodic tunes the trio knocks out. It’s really good to have the band back in the saddle, as I have a huge fondness for them since seeing them live six or seven years ago. I love Florian Kötterl’s vocals and his guitar sound which has the right side of crunch to it to add some depth to the music. The rhythm section isn’t too shabby either, firmly propelling proceedings along in a measured way, most notably on “Waves,” the most instantly catchy track on the record. At the end of the album I’m left with a positive feeling, as if all is well with the world. Transitions takes me away from the daily shit and sequesters me away somewhere cozy and pleasing. This band doesn’t let me down. –Rich Cocksedge (Fond Of Life, / Shield, / Get Party, [email protected],

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