Sep 22, 2023

Features personnel from the Pine Hill Haints, so I was automatically inclined to lean way into this. Shadowcaster is the band’s third 12”—which is wild, and makes me feel way out of touch, because I’ve never heard of ’em before—and it’s apparently a collection of their 7”s put out by Japanese label Snuffy Smile. This stuff’s got a lot of the same elements of what make the Haints so great: earnestness, joy, exuberance, careworn fidelity, and Jamie Barrier’s fantastic vocals. What makes it unique and wholly its own thing is that it’s much less country-leaning and more… rock? And with, wow, a not insignificant element of reggae/rocksteady? Very pleasantly surprised. Music created by DIY lifers, which in and of itself might not seem like that big of a deal, except damn, it’s refreshing as hell and also, they’ve done this so much and they’re so damn good at it. Recommended. –Keith Rosson (Arkam)

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