The Vulturas

Interview Podcast with The Vulturas by Martin Wong and Todd Taylor

Photo by Albert Licano

Addiction, recovery, death, and mourning unite The Vulturas, so they aren’t about to let a pandemic get in the way of becoming one of your favorite bands. A new combo with the familiar faces of singer Louie Perez III (Los Villains, Evil Hearted You, LP3 & The Tragedy, Manic Hispanic) and guitarist Rob Milucky (The Grabbers, The Pushers, Duane Peters And The Hunns, Devil’s Brigade), their DNA comes from the East L.A. punk roots of Los Lobos (Louie’s dad’s and uncle’s band) and first-wave suburban punk like The Crowd and The Simpletones. The vibe is raw and timeless—not corny—powered by rootsy and powerful riffs and alternately angry and funny—but never boring—lyrics. The rock-solid rhythm section of Shane Strange and Eric Fuller will kick your ass, too.

With an ungodly amount of shows and touring packed into a short amount of time and a debut LP already on its second pressing, The Vulturas had amassed multiple more releases worth of songs ready to be unleashed when COVID struck. We took advantage of this forced pause to interview Louie and Rob via Skype about their excellent band that rose out of shitty circumstances, and what happens next.

Intro by Martin Wong
Interview by Martin Wong and Todd Taylor

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