Interview Podcast with Milky Wimpshake, By Rick V.

Aug 13, 2021

Photo by Kyle Rossner

Milky Wimpshake is a political twee/punk/pop band from Newcastle Upon Tyne in the United Kingdom. They have been playing shows since 1993 and have put out a good chunk of records but never played in the States. In 2017, Milky Wimpshake frontman Pete Dale was able to make it across the pond with the help of Emily Timm and Nick Romy who offered to be his backup band for a two-week tour. I thought this was interesting and magical and thought it would be cool to interview Pete along with the “ad hoc” version of Milky Wimpshake. Some music is thrown in there too. Enjoy!

–Rick V.

Milky Wimpshake, “Chemical Spray” Heart And Soul In The Milky Way
(Fortuna Pop!)
- - -
Milky Wimpshake, “I Don't Wanna Work” Confessions Of An English Marxist
(Bobo Integral)
- - -
Whelmed, “Double” ISTOP Benefit EP (Self Released)
The Coolers, “It's (My) Last Call” Goes Down Easy (Self Released)
Cottontail, “Steal Everything You Can” Secret Hiding Place (Self Released)
Golden Startlet, “DIY” Corps of the Hard 7” (Slampt)
- - -
Milky Wimpshake, “I Don't Want to Go There” Confessions Of An English
Marxist (Bobo Integral)