Kris from the Brokedowns pointing to the front of a Staples store.

Interview Podcast with Kris of The Brokedowns, by Daryl

Feb 03, 2023

Really happy that I got to spend some time talking to Kris about stuff because The Brokedowns are not a band I can just casually engage with. The lyrics and structures continually impress me and make me wonder what the story is behind them. If you’ve spent time listening to them, you hopefully understand. I put their analysis on the same level as Martha’s and their musicality up there with Xetas’s. All three of these bands are incredibly different but there’re commonalities that I celebrate and cherish, and am always happy when I get more of…like the Brokedowns’ new full-length, Maximum Khaki, out now on Red Scare Industries. Out now!

Many many many thanks to our friend Matt Miller who restored this audio to be even remotely listenable. He can contacted for any audio needs at these places: [email protected] or

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