Interview Podcast with Chris L. Terry, by Todd Taylor and Rene Navarro

Chris L. Terry’s Black Card is a novel about race in America that’s serious and unflinching while remaining tender and funny. It’s a novel about compassion and anger, hip hop and punk, cops and young black men. At its core, Black Card is a book driven by the search for identity.

Since this is Razorcake, we believe the world needs more top-quality fiction that doesn’t fetishize or force punk into too-neat nostalgic containers. It also needs stories that are told directly from working class punk perspectives, not from slumming squares. Chris L. Terry’s Black Card succeeds on so many levels. Not only is it a truthful novel with weight and humanity, it’s a compelling and fast read. I can’t recommend Black Card enough.

Rene Navarro and I caught up with Chris at Razorcake HQ.

Introduction by Todd Taylor

Black Card is available from Catapult here.

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