YAAWN in Baltimore

Interview Podcast with Candace Hansen, by Daryl

YAAWN | Unknown punk photographer on Fujifilm Disposable, taken at the Rats Nest basement gig with WIMP in Baltimore 2019 East Coast Summer Tour 

I was trying to remember when I first met Candace Hansen but I couldn’t remember because it feels like I’ve always known them. (They reminded me it was at a HIRS / YAAWN show at the Smell in the beginning of 2018.) Really, though, I think I’ve just known about them for much longer. Candace is a modern-day, L.A. queer punk legend. You might know them from playing in bands like dimber, YAAWN, or the Alice Bag Band. Or, you might know them from their days at Rock Camp for Girls OC. Or, you might know them from their work as a professor of Gender Studies at UCLA, their work in OC Weekly, or their podcast for Razorcake. A punk about town, when they aren’t playing drums in your favorite LA punk/noise bands, Candace is busy working on a PhD in Musicology at the Herb Alpert School of Music at UCLA and a certificate in Gender Studies. They hold an MA in Musicology and a dual B.A. in Gender Studies and History. As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve also found time to help out at Grrrl Fair and Transgress Fest.

They are an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to punk and queer history and theory, and they’re always my go-to person to text when I need a fact check. They’re an incredible musician, writer, activist, artist, zine maker, and friend. I’m so lucky to have Candace as a part of my found family, and Los Angeles is so lucky to have such an icon in its midst. 

Intro by Emily Twombly
Interview by Daryl Gussin

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