INSULTS, THE: Pigs & Dogs: 7” EP

Mar 17, 2021

Final studio recording from these guys that was never released until now. No idea why that is, as this pretty damn good. Seriously, why did it take forty years? These songs are better than their Insults to Injury LP. What’s on here is more raw and shot through with more urgency. Right on the cusp of hardcore kicking off. “I Hate Teenagers,” “Dummies on Parade,” and “Romilar Romeo” from the aforementioned LP are re-recorded here and sound much better. Like I said, the energy in this recording is high, and the songs careen with a near recklessness that sounds like they’re about to jump the curb and cause some real damage. Eight rippers that capture the spirit of punk perfectly. Apparently less than five hundred of these exist so put the remote down and get on the horn to get one of these into your sweaty paws, you vitamin D-deficient cretin. –Matt Average (Last Laugh,