INSINUATIONS: “Prompt Critical” b/w “U.S. Muscle”: 7”

Sep 17, 2018

Repress of an ultra-rare 1980 single by this short-lived Richmond, Va. band who you may have heard on the Bloodstains across Virginia comp. The music is wiseass bluesy garage rock, like a more shambolic Captain Beefheart with Jello Biafra’s sense of humor. The A-Side’s about punching the clock during a nuclear meltdown, while the flip’s a terrific send-up of Reagan-era meathead yuppies that still rings true (“Built-in obsolescence, get me to the dance / let me do the hustle in my $90 pants”). These jams are a hoot and I’m glad they’ve been unearthed. –Chris Terry (Feel It,