Jul 20, 2022

A two-song teaser from this bi-coastal juggernaut of a band featuring the talents of members from The Rival Mob, Iron Lung, Mind Eraser, Brain Tourniquet, and so forth. Don’t let the fact that their pedigree is in the realm of hardcore and powerviolence, these cats know a thing or two about doom and death metal; enough so that Bolt Thrower and Candlemass would probably pick up a pen and paper and take notes. These two songs are so unbelievably heavy that I’m afraid to play them on my stereo because my room is on the very edge of a hill and I fear that one day the earth underneath will just give way while I’m listening to this and send me on my way to a dirt and dry wall-covered death. Then again I suppose I’ve lived a full enough life. The initial pressing of this sold out quicker’n Al Bundy so don’t delay. –Juan Espinosa (Iron Lung,

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