INFINITY LAND: Honest Comedy: LP

Sep 22, 2023

I picked up Honest Comedy after seeing Infinity Land live and being blown away by their performance. I’ve listened to this LP regularly for the past several months, struggling to try and put into words why I love this band—and this LP—as much as I do. Listening today for the umpteen thousandth time, it finally hit me: Though decades and miles removed from one another, Infinity Land have succeeded in channeling the essence of one of my favorite weird rock/noise rock/whatever bands of all time—Nomeansno—while somehow succeeding in finding a sound that’s also their own. Infinity Land brings a lot more grit and sludge to their wall of noise. They’re at their most Nomeansno-sy when vocalist Tarek Ahmed channels his inner Rob Wright with his spoken word vocals on tracks like “Harvest Lane,” “Small Town Ritual Abuse,” and others. Tarek’s dark lyrics have an occasional humorous turn of phrase, which adds to this effect. While Infinity Land describes themselves as “ugly music for ugly people,” there’s a beauty to the dissonant cacophony of Honest Comedy that keeps me coming back for more. –Paul J. Comeau (The Ghost Is Clear, [email protected])

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