Jul 28, 2020

Much like how your grandma gives no fucks about hip hop, or how a lot of your friends probably think all punk sounds like either Blink-182 or some grindcore band, I simply cannot muster the interest to delineate the supposed intricacies of noise albums. There are people who truly care about this stuff, and can write about it with some intelligence and nuance. I’m not one of those people. This is presumably a split release with two artists, and yet they both just… make fucking noise. It’s like listening to a very dull stranger talk about their dreams, but using the sound of a shopping cart on gravel and a dial-up modem instead of a human voice. Like I said, other people are interested in this stuff, and truly enjoy it. To me, it’s an affront to my very limited time, and just annoying as shit. There are other periodicals—or at least other reviewers—better suited for this sort of thing. –Keith Rosson (Rotten Princes)