INFERNO: Anti Hagenbach Tape–The Beginning: LP

Jan 18, 2017

I’ve publicly stated my adoration of Inferno many times over the years and anyone familiar with their crazed brand of hardcore understands. Like Void, Deep Wound, and other bands from the early ‘80s, theirs is a sound that precariously pirouettes on the razor’s edge that separates “tight” delivery from absolute chaos—there are no shortage of moments where it sounds like they’re on the verge of completely collapsing, yet they never do. This look back at their inaugural demo tape—its first time on vinyl, I believe—shows this quality was there in their sound at the very beginning and they only learned over time to pull off the hat trick at much faster velocities. Very fuggin’ cool to see this available for a new gen of punks to soak up and marvel. Thumbs way, way up here. ­–Jimmy Alvarado (Power It Up)

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