INDONESIAN JUNK: So Live, So Devastating: CS

Sep 23, 2016

I’m normally very leery of live releases; they seem to be generated out of a need for a quick release, but, more importantly, the sound quality usually sucks. Having moved away from my beloved Milwaukee before these dudes ever formed there, this is my first exposure to them, and I was not disappointed. Contrary to my expectations, the sound quality is actually pretty darn good, and I liked the tunes. Victory all the way around for Indonesian Junk! It would be easy to toss them into the power pop barrel, but there’s too much traditional rock’n’roll influence carousing through the band’s set to warrant such categorization. I could see putting them on the bill with any of Duane Peters’ bands and having it be a night to tell your grandkids about. The Bandcamp site says that it will come with a digital download, but as I write this only two copies are remaining. –The Lord Kveldulfr (No address listed)