INDONESIAN JUNK: Live?!*@ Like a Cyanide (Milwaukee 2021): CD

May 24, 2022

These guys are a three piece out of Milwaukee who share a member of Chinese Telephones, though this is a far cry from those pop punk stalwarts. First off, this whole album is a collection of live recordings from WMSE Milwaukee and it sounds killer. Indonesian Junk taps into that mid-’70s punk sound, analogous to New York Dolls, The Saints, Dead Boys, et cetera. For a more modern comparison, they fit well alongside Carbonas, Exploding Hearts, The Hunches, or RMBLR: raw, garagey power pop with big guitar solos and a glint of glam rock. These songs are pumped out at a breakneck speed and delivered with fury. These dudes rip. Where ever they’re going, I want in. –Kayla Greet (Personality Crisis)