INCEST CATTLE: Live to an Audience of None: LP

Jul 21, 2023

I vaguely remember this band from the ’80s. I was thinking they kind of sounded like one of those weird, kinda noisy bands that Bill at Toxic Shock used to champion and figured maybe that’s whence I knew them, but nope, I looked it up, they were on a Mystic Records compilation. Boy, there’s a hallmark of distinction. They were basically one of those bands who were of the hardcore scene, but didn’t play hardcore, so they wound up playing a sort of mildly brain damaged, post-adolescent cross between Flipper and the Talking Heads in their parents’ basements or something like that. This 1983 recording does take me back a bit, in the sense that it sounds like an old cassette I might have had back in the day, lost, and then not even remembered I’d ever owned it to begin with. Yes, another ringing, full-throated endorsement, folks! BEST SONG: “I’m in Love with a Girl.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Moo This Way.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Apparently this band’s one-time bass player was future Descendent Doug Carrion. –Rev. Nørb (Pete’s 9mm Rec Hords)

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