In on the Killtaker, By Joe Gross, 167 pgs.

It seems to be hit or miss with the 33 1/3 series that digs deep into cherished records. Some have been fantastic, while a handful have been almost unbearable and totally off the wall, to boot. Luckily, this one was on target. Although my first thought when I picked up it up was, “Why not Repeater?” The author seems to agree with me at one point, confirming that song-wise Repeater is devoid of filler (see what I did there?). But in terms of expanding the band’s sound, Killtaker lives up to the billing. All of the band members contributed to this book in 2016, so the picture painted is vivid.

Some stories I was familiar with, like the famous UPC controversy. Descriptions of some live shows even piqued my interest to check out their live archive once again. The most intriguing discussion centered on the song “Great Cop.” The author describes how Ian MacKaye played him demos of that riff that first appeared as a Skewbald/Grand Union demo. Then he hears another demo by Embrace with the same music. Finally it pops up as an Egg Hunt demo. Yes, I know I am dragging you down the Dischord rabbit-hole here, but maybe someday we could hear snippets of these on Soundcloud one day. Dare to dream! But this book reminded me of why I liked Fugazi so much that I saw them close to fifteen times when I lived in DC. Pick this up and Joe Gross will help you remember, too. Excellent. –Sean Koepenick (33 1/3,