IMPERIAL WAX: Gastwerk Saboteurs: CD

Aug 01, 2019

When Mark E. Smith of The Fall passed on in 2018, the remaining members of the band (who had been with Smith for eleven years and six albums) decided to continue to play together, but under a new name: Imperial Wax. I’m not a huge fan of The Fall, but am impressed with Imperial Wax. Perhaps I never got into The Fall because of Smith’s vocals, whereas I prefer vocalist Sam Curran’s voice. It’s got a reminiscence of Devin Ocampo of Faraquet and Justin Moyer of Antelope, both now-defunct bands on Dischord Records. Some of the songs have a good swing to them (“Plant the Seed”) while others have a twang (“Turncoat”). But they’re all couched in a post-punk sound that fans of The Fall will most likely enjoy. I found the whole thing a pleasant surprise. –Kurt Morris (Saustex)