IMPALER: The Great Impaler: CD

When it comes to metal, my knowledge is limited. I’ve often said that I could be rocking the Good Charlotte of metal and have no idea. I’m even less qualified to review Impaled because they’re a band that’s been around since 1983, have a catalog of thirty-two releases, and I had no knowledge of their existence until I got this CD in the mail. What I can tell you is these veteran metalheads play galloping, horror-themed speed metal singing about Krampus, freak shows, and ghoulish things. You get lots of… uh… licks, but with minimal, annoying soloing. The vocals are clearly sung in more of a rock’n’roll way than the operatic style more common to this genre, which is to the Impaler’s benefit, as far as I’m concerned. Overall, it’s a pretty good time. –Craven Rock (Vlad Productions)