Imitations of Love Poems, By Dory Williams and Dustin Pickering, 118 pgs.

Sep 16, 2021

If Razorcake was a place of business and Book Reviews was an event they were holding, Imitations of Love Poems would be somebody who wandered in off the street. I’ll get the back section—written by Dustin Pickering—out of the way first. His poems are so purple that I can’t make heads or tails out of them, nor am I inspired to try. But for the most part they’re inoffensive. I read them on autopilot and was relieved when it was over. Not my thing. That’s that.

Perhaps my uneducated ass could’ve tried harder to get it his portion of the book if Dory Williams’s half of the book hadn’t of left such a bad taste in my mouth. Her portion was a lot of religious garbage that’s better off reviewed in some evangelical rag than thrust upon this unsuspecting punk rocker. She’s got some real gems in here like, “I don’t see how people can say they love their bodies and still go out and be promiscuous.” (It’s because they're horny. That’s how!) Jesus, if Razorcake were a venue and this book wandered in off the street and, I was working the door, this is the point where I’d throw my hands in the air shouting, “You see? You see what I have to deal with?” Okay, now I’m just torturing the metaphor, but, seriously, fuck this Christian horseshit! –Craven Rock (Transcendent Zero Press, 1629 El Camino Real, Apt. 7, Houston, TX 77062-5876,