IDAHO GREEN: Rancher Bones: 7”

Jan 30, 2019

Idaho Green fucking rip. With screeching, guttural vocals and howling guitars, the New York-based quartet are one part Meat Puppets and another part Pissed Jeans. Side A is comprised of “Rancher Bones,” a nearly six-minute cacophony of spiraling guitars that builds to a blistering climax. It’s exhausting and thankfully never tedious. But just when you think you have Idaho Green figured out, “Body Language” opens with an infectiously catchy guitar riff punctuated by rich vocal harmonies that nearly sound like The Killers. It’s truly dizzying. If you’re looking for a 7” that’s wacky, heavy, and totally refreshing, look no further than Rancher Bones. –Sean Arenas (Satellite Tribe / Minor Bird,