IB 64, A ZINE BY PRISONERS #6, free, 3½” x 8½”, copied, 10 pgs.

May 15, 2023

Consisting of pages typed on a Swintec 2416 DM word processor and simple but clean hand-drawn illustrations, this “zine for prisoners” is a sharp and engaging (but brief) read that illuminates life on “the inside.” Features include a “Legal Update” on particular court cases, profiles of inmates that include sketches of each, a movie review of the 1993 Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington vehicle Philadelphia (the reviewer hated it), plus “Scumbag Informant of the Month” (Pontatoski, a “bottom-feeding dope fiend”) and “Prisoner of the Month” (McDonald, who won the right of female detainees to not have photos taken “of tattoos around their private areas during booking procedures”). In addition, there is a section dedicated to the prison reform debate that reveals what some in prison think about abolition, and I found their perspectives fascinating. I guarantee that reader interest in IB 64, A Zine by Prisoners is not confined behind bars. –Gina Murrell (For letters/inquiries: Smart Communication/PADOC, Charles Picarella #MZ7013, PO Box 33028, St. Petersburg, FL 33733; for zines/bound materials: Security Processing Center Charles Picarella #MZ7013, 26 Bricker Rd., Bellefonte, PA 16823-1667)

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